I create art with pen and paper, painting, and many other media forms. Here are a few samples.

2020: The Great Pause due to the Coronavirus has also inspired an uprising. We all process the world in different ways. I create. I listened to the words of Trevor Noah and reflected. I created this art piece. To make it more accessible, I set it to video.
The artwork is 11×17″

Having a pet Praying Mantis, I created a few artworks with it as my theme. These are each about 1.5′ x 2′ hand drawings with water color. One is of the Mantis eating my UGA rival mascots!

When working with spiders, I did not want all their molts, or exoskeletons to go to waste, so I created this piece of a parasitic wasp eating spiders, using real molts.

Like the 7 blind wise men, this elephant has different views. Here are 6 of the drawings. These are permanent marker on paper about 1.5′ x 2′. Please contact me if you would like to purchase these postcards.

This work was created from old pills for a pharmacist.

I have created a few abstract pieces, with videos to show the creations.

If you are interested in commissioning any work, please contact me: Shira at SheRockScience.com

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