Shira D Gordon, PhD is a freelance science communicator. After over a decade of conducting research, in the summer of 2018, Shira decided to switch to another passion of hers, communicating science. She gets excited about distilling complex topics into formats that more people can understand. Therefore, Shira founded SheRockScience Production with work that spans writing, illustration, and video production.

“Shira was a rare and welcome find for my project on the technology of collaboration.  I needed a note-taker at our scientific workshop (mostly neuroscientists but also funders and technologists) who understands the language and context of our discussions.  Shira knew both and also expertly helped to organize the salient points for our report on the workshop findings.”

Sarah, Rapid Science Founder & CEO

Dr Gordon’s research was intentionally diverse with 18 peer reviewed publications in 13 journals. Her research broadly focused on animal communication and how elements from the environment influenced it. In particular, she studied sound and vibrational communication of insects and spiders. Her broad range of experience includes: animal behavior, physiology, neurobiology, microscopy, cell biology, genetics, and more. In addition, she worked with engineers, spending 3.5 years as the biologist in an engineering department at Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland and continued collaborations with the team while a postdoc at Dartmouth and a researcher at the USDA. More information about her specific research areas can be found on her personal website.

As a freelancer, Shira has expanded the topics she works on by covering a variety of health research areas, as well as, working with think tank research companies. In addition, she was recruited to develop and teach a course on General Entomology at California State University, Fresno. Her broad background leaves Shira comfortable in tackling topics beyond biology. Dr Gordon is a fast learner and uses this strength to help her understand new topics that she then communicates through writing, illustration, and video.

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