Infographics are a mix of words and images to provide further information about a topic. Infographics can be used as graphical abstracts to describe research papers. Infographics can be picture heavy, with text adding extra information. Conversely, infographcis may have a lot of text with some images to help explain the point.

Brief Summary: A pest insect, the glassy wing sharpshooter, lives on a grapevine. These insects use vibrations to talk with each other; using speakers to play the female song back disrupts mating.

1) A simple infographic* that explains the process of creating a signal to disrupt mating: describing the behavior, identifying potential signals, and executing trials that confirm it works.
2) A panel of images* that explains their mating behavior–the description phase.
3) A graphical abstract that was published with the research article.
*Published in a book chapter: Gordon & Krugner (2020) in Hill et al (eds) Biotremology: Studying Vibrational Behavior (in press).

This infographic was created for a project, that has not become published.

I have created the storyboard for several infographics for Cactus Communications, reading primary research articles, pulling the main points, and suggesting images for the pieces. However, I cannot share those at this time. Please check back for an example to be posted soon.

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