SheRockScience Production is a one stop shop for Broader Impacts needs. Projects are personalized to each client’s needs.

Broader Impact Service List
Educational Materials: Information packages, Workbooks, Coloring activities, Trivia games, Presentation development
Audience: online or in person activities, K-12, university students, adult outreach events
Illustrations for: Infographics, Graphical abstracts, Cartoons, Social media, Presentations, Websites, Videos, Posters
Video Production: Lab highlight, Scientist spotlight, Introduction to a topic, Special topic deep dive, Methods explained, Research paper highlight, Field lesson, Cartoons
Written Content: Web content development, Scientist biographies, Research Summaries, Educational materials, Lay articles, Blog content, Research impact, Information packets

Workshop & Training Options: Science communication workshops, Improv for scientists, Writing for the public, Presenting–power points and beyond!

The NSF Early Career Development Program (CAREER)
Together we can develop the educational portion of the grant to submit with the CAREER application. Listing SheRockScience as a way to implement ideas should make your application stronger.

” You may request adequate resources to carry out your proposed educational activities. If resources are required, the proposal budget should list these costs and the budget justification should indicate how the funds will be used in the project.” NSF Q&A page

Projects can be adjusted to correspond with the final grant award value. Let me focus on creating your ideas so you can focus on the research and delivery of your educational products.

Please email Shira at for the PDF of the full information packet and with any questions.

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