SheRockScience Production is here to help you communicate your science. Services include writing, illustrating, preparing presentations, and video production. The possibilities are endless! Below, some ideas are listed; however, projects are tailored to your specific needs and interests.

Writing: Scientific writing, lay summaries, scientist biographies, educational materials, workshop/meeting summaries

Illustration: Graphical abstracts, infographics, cartoons, figures, educational materials

Presentation: Power Point slide decks, posters (e.g., conference, outreach, departmental/program information)

Video: Research topics, scientist highlights, lab overview, teaching materials, publication summaries

— Meeting Summary: Listen to in-person/online conference calls and distill the information to a written document

— Workshops: Science communication workshops for connecting to audiences using improv to improve presentations and writing

Please enquire about specific services and rate estimates

“Shira is a delight to work with.  We appreciate her creative solutions and focus on customer needs!”

Jen, IQ Solutions Senior Project Manager & Team Leader


IQ Solutions: Create graphics, infographics, social media posts, videos, conduct science writing, and summarize meetings for the clients. Topics range general health and science education.

FSTI: Scientific consultant for an infographic relating to stoping the spread of the coronavirus on public transportation, busses.

Rapid Science: Synthesize an in-person 2 day workshop/think tank meeting about research directions. (2019)

Lifeology: Creating educational materials with illustrations and content. See the sample about Earth Day.

Odetta: Creating a slide-deck that discusses the company’s goals and services.

FRoG (Friends of the San Joaquin River Gorge): Design nature center kiosks, including the artwork and placing the text.

BOOK, Micro Meats–Eating insects around the world: Illustrator for the book to emphasize key concepts in the text (expected publication date 2021)

Cactus Communication: Editing research articles and summarizing the main points of publications for infographics.

— California State University, Fresno: Develop and teach General Entomology course & lab (Spring 2020)

An exclusive look at how grasshoppers hear, with visualizations and dissections.
There are many ways to destroy coronaviruses in the environment and combat them within body

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