The video projects on this page represent a range of styles (e.g., whimsical, documentary, topic and person focused). Each video has a target audience yet has components for a variety of audiences. Video projects can be tailored to your needs and interest.

Understanding and Destroying Coronavirus.
A video that explains the biology behind the virus, antibodies, and vaccines. Plus there is an explanation of how the virus is spread through the air.

2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. I asked the children, our world’s future, about what they thought of the status of our Earth. There answers are impressive. Hopefully we can all come together and make a difference.

This is a 360 video about Sequoia trees. It starts with a storybook animation, then immerses you into the Sequoia forest as you learn about the birth of the trees.
To watch the video, move your mouse around where you want to see, move your phone with the image, or use VR glasses!

Created to help people understand the biology behind a coronavirus and the research that scientists are doing to tackle the pandemic.

Clean Air Clean Water are important for all of our survival. This storybook animation is a plea from ocean animals to make a difference and keep the planet clean.
“Evolution In Time” explores the time scale of evolution, relating the life-cycle of a fly to how long it takes humans to reproduce. What can happen in all of those generations?
*This video was selected in the top 15 videos for a 2019 evolution film competition.

“Neural Chromatography: BioDye Tattoo” is a Sci-fi film created based on recent research about tattoos that change color based on the body’s current chemistry. Early work from researchers at MIT identify this technology could be possible but is not ready for animal trials yet. This video extrapolates how the world could look 100 years in the future.
*The film was part of the official selection for the 2019 BioFiction Film Festival.

Take a deep breath. Relax. This video first introduces you to Victor who then leads you through a lesson on Managing Stress.

“She Rock Ice” is a whimsical video that explores the science behind memory formation and adventuring. It follows an ice climbing adventure. Entered into the BMC Women in Adventure film competition, the full length video can be found at:

“Rhythms of the Ocean” is a video that explores the passion of one woman and her desire to be one with nature and the ocean. We learn about her love for surfing and watch her attempts at catching the waves.

“Spotlight: Genetic Counselor” is a short video about what the role of a genetic counselor is when helping with patients. The video explores what inspires Shannon Lozinsky, MS, to work in her field.

“Spotlight: Mosquito Control” is a short video about what biologist Chenoa DeFreece, PhD, does in her role monitoring mosquitoes in California. She explains their life cycle and some of the diseases they carry.

“What is Climate” was one of my first videos, created as part of the Alan Alda Communicating Science Flame Challenge. It is geared towards 12 year old children to explain what climate is in a fun way.

“Encounters in my Backyard” was created as part of the Everyday Explorer film competition by National Geographic. In the video, I highlight some biology facts from right outside my house.

“Geology Rocks!” explores some features of rocks like inclusion and intrusion with educator KGG Geology.

“A Backpacking Trek in the Kaiser Wilderness” is one of my earlier videos that follows me on a backpacking trip learning some biology about the forest around me.

“Metier: Fabricant de Mayonnaise” is a fun video about eggs and making mayonnaise. Part of a 60 hour Video Challenge by CMAC, I was assigned to include: Metier, mayonnaise, and “anything for Beyonce”

Ride Your Bike won second place for a video contest. A short artistic view of the benefits of riding a bike as part of our lives.

“She Crushed It!!” follows the journey of a climber leading her way up a route at Alabama Hills, California.

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