I have created art for many years. Recently, I have started making digital artwork. This page is a sample of different styles. The pieces have been created for videos, articles, and other web purposes.

Earth Day 2020!
I created an activity, or “course”, for kids teaching them about Earth Day and what they can do to help the world. This was published by Lifeology. Here are some of the drawings.

Evolution in Time: These images were created for use in this video.

Here are digital animals from a few different projects.

360 Sequoia: The Journey of a Pine Cone and a little Wee Seed.

These illustrations from an article for Massive Science I wrote about the health and environmental benefits of eating insects.

Here are some more simple illustrations from the Spotlight on a Genetics Counselor video.

Sometimes it is fun to create images to help explain ideas. These are a few I used for explaining broader impacts.

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