The letters catch the light, highlighting the image, depending on the viewing angle.

Fun can’t be told
You have to scout around,
Find your own gold
Invent your own fable.

One to three—or more
A few—like seeds drifted ashore
Strewn among the trees after the down pour
Waiting to see what’s in store

A peak…
Peeking around
Piquing interest.

I see through my own lens
Letting lines blend.

I form my own quill
Lighting fire to the grill.

I paint my own picture
Letting it linger
Spiraling the mixture.

…To the extent that…
…A bull in a china shop
…Charmingly eccentric
…Hip, hop, stick

I am SheRockScience
The Potentiality of Pods
I stand with Defiance
Against all Odds.

Embrace courage
In My Mind

On The Edge
Walk the line

One to forty
My story
Each bet I hedged
I wedged a set
To reach deep
Aiding to my glory
Each step
Exploring in my journey.

Follow the tides whichever way
Start the day, then stray
Face your fear
Steer your lens
Adjust your gaze
Go in many ways.

I am SheRockScience.
I stand with defiance.
Come with me on my journey…
Learn what you may know
Together we’ll grow.

I am building an alliance…
Where art, adventure and science all glow.

I create, I coagulate, I contemplate.
I find a way
to share what I know.

The key is within me
The lock is to be found
The trick is to not be looking
But feel what is all around.
The simplicity of the diversity of what we see.

Come and find me
Defying gravity
A glimpse of tomorrow.