Lets work together to build great Broader Impacts!

Costs for services will vary based on the complexity of the project.
This page is to give you a guide of services.
Please contact Shira at SheRockScience.com for a price quote.

Payment Style

Project: Each project can be billed separately. In this manner, written pieces, illustrations, and videos can be combined as a project or created as individual units.

Grant: With each grant an amount or percentage can be listed for the Broader Impacts services. If the final grant is different from the proposal, the projects can be adjusted in complexity and size to fit the grant.

Publication: Every publication can have an array of accompanying materials, including general audience summaries, infographics, cartoon highlights, graphical abstracts, and accompanying videos. Together we can create content to disperse your research further.

Recurring Services: Regular services, like writing about new research, personnel, web content, and publication pieces can be budgeted using a time scale. This could be working for a set number of hours per month, quarter, or semester on whatever science communication tasks are highest priority for the lab at that time.

Rate Estimates*

* These base estimates are subject to a number of factors (e.g., complexity, amount of original artwork, bundling requests) and are meant to be a guide to start the conversation. With any work, your review is part of the process.

Graphical Abstract: $300-500
Infographics: $400-800
Cartoon Illustrations: $300-1,500
Written Content: $100-600
Video Editing (3 min video): $1,500-5,000
Video Filming (1 day): $500-1,000 plus travel expenses

Science Writing/Meeting Coverage: $300-500 / 1 hour meeting

Workshops, lectures, and training sessions are available, please inquire for pricing.

Please contact me for additional services or other questions Shira at SheRockScience.com

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