by Shira D Gordon, PhD April 3, 2020

Coronavirus—its spreading among us
Changing the world in a way we don’t yet know
Its reach continues to grow
Sars-CoV-2 –the virus
Is newly emerged
Newly in people
Newly diverged
We don’t have immunity
Its knocking us down
The elderly, the compromised
Its spinning us around

We thought it was like the flu
But people spread it, as it’s just unseen
The disease comes later, as CoVid-19
It’s a respiratory illness
It makes us cough and it’s hard to breath

The world is coming to a stillness
As we all start to bereave
Doctors have no cure
The days blur together
We have to weather this storm
Keep form
Stop the spread
So fewer are dead.

We keep physical distance
With little resistance.
We work remotely
Schools are out.
Businesses are shut.
Watch the news.
And try not to get in a rut.

Scientists are working on a vaccine
Targeted drugs
And all we can do is keep our hands clean
Reduce contact with others for the sake of our grandmothers
Our parents
Our friends with asthma
Flatten the curve
Or better yet, have it dip down
Together we’ll turn this around

The coronavirus is a global pandemic
Like we’ve never seen before
Together we’ll fight it
Regardless of what’s in store
We have to try not to panic
Instead help each other out and be strong
Coronavirus will leave a mark
But together we’ll shout our new song