On this “hidden” page are some samples and ideas of books that I am creating.
You have received this link and are privy to the contents.
Thank you for your interest and respecting my work.

SheRockScience’s A, Bee, C’s of Insects

I want to create illustrated books for children about science.
On this page are 3 completed sample pages of a book about insects.
I use my PhD to create highly accurate information to teach children about bugs.
The book uses each letter of the alphabet to teach about different insects. For example: Ants, Bees, Cockroaches, Dragonflies…
My style incorporates poems into the flow.
In addition, the artwork is biologically accurate.
The rough draft text and illustrations are completed for the book, though I am open to suggestions from publishing experts.

Micro Meats

These illustrations are samples from a book I am working on and are being shared privately with you ahead of publication.
The book, Micro Meat (North Atlantic Books) is about the environmental and health benefits of eating insects.
I am working with the authors, however there are some timing snags on their end holding the publication time in limbo.
The final book will include additional images and likely different versions from what is presented here.